Band 16: Die Stadt: Achse und Zentrum der Welt / The City: Axis and Centre of the World

Matthias Riedl:

Introduction: The City as Symbolic Centre
Alessandro Scafi: Filarete's Ideal of Sforzinda: Architecture between Nature and Society
Christoph Schumann: Die nahöstliche Stadt im Schnittpunkt von Erinnerungen und Erwartungen
Dieter Fuchs: Socratic Archetypes of Metropolitan Discourse in James Joyce's Ulysses
Steven McGuire: Philosophy, the Mysteries, and Politics in Plato's Phaedrus
Chloé Ragazzoli: A Tale of Two Cities: Sémiotiques de la ville en Egypte ancienne
Hakan Forsell: Metropolitan Pedagogy in Fin de Siècle Europe: Johannes Tews, Fritz Gansberg and the Discovery of the Urban Child
Tilo Schabert: From Olga Froebe-Kapteyn to the Amici di Eranos: On the History of the Eranos-Tagungen at Ascona

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