Band 17: The Eranos Movement: A Story of Hermeneutics

T. Schabert:

Things Turned into Sounds: The Eranosean Hermeneutics
J. von Heyking: The Intermediaries of the Eranos Festival: Hermes and Orpheus
D. Fuchs: The Eranos Movement and the Socratic Tradition of Convivial Discussion: Philosophical and Literary Symposia
H.-J. Sigwart: Enacting Interdisciplinary Scholarship: The Methods of Eranos
S. Toussaint: Neoplatonism at Eranos. A Retrospective Glance
A. Powell: A Magic Circle at the Sacred Banquet. A Consideration of the Intellectual Relationship between the Eranos Movement and the Temenos Academy
C. Ragazzoli: Egypt at the banquet of human thought: About Eranosean and other passage makers
E. Stimilli: Eranos at Heidelberg
M. Henkel: Two Practitioners of Hermeneutics at Eranos: C.G. Jung and Eric Voegelin
D. Fuchs: The 2012 Research Seminar on “The Eranos Movement”, Villa di Corliano, Pisa, 18-22 July 2012

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